Beyond Alcohol Addiction

At Searidge Alcohol Rehab, our relationship with residents does not end when they graduate from our residential alcohol rehab addiction treatment program. We believe that maintaining lifelong recovery after rehab requires consistent support, guidance, and care, which is why our Aftercare program is one of the most comprehensive and accessible in the country.

Aftercare, rehab and recovery at Searidge reflects the beauty and prosperity of Annapolis Royal.


We commit to providing our alumni with aftercare long after their graduation in ways that work with their specific goals and needs. The commitment we offer to our residents exceeds what is commonly found at residential rehabs. We don’t want you to have to come back, we want you healthy and free. Our approach aims to set you on the right course in treatment the first time, and we will work with you tirelessly to achieve your specific rehab, treatment, and life goals.

Your experience here being a great one is what we want, but more than that we want you to be able to return to the best parts of your life and leave the cycle of addiction behind. Our specialized addiction councilors will craft an equally individualized aftercare program that will match your accomplishments during rehab. We know you don’t want to set the bar low, and neither do we, so work with us, and we will be able to accomplish a great deal together. Remember, at Searidge, it’s about you, not the addiction. Alcohol destroys lives, but Searidge and our welcoming staff rebuild them, but we can’t do it without you, your experiences, and the person you want to be.

Aftercare Rehab Done Right

Searidge Alcohol Rehab’s Aftercare Program offers alumni access to:

  • Virtual or in-person SMART Recovery meetings
  • Inspirational Twitter messages
  • Option to participate in refresher weekends at Searidge Alcohol Rehab Centre
  • Group and individual therapy sessions over the phone with staff from Searidge
  • Private NING forum for alumni to stay in contact