Alcohol Addiction Treatment Your Way

Searidge Alcohol Rehabilitation is an alcohol rehab and addiction treatment center that aims to provide the inspiration, support and challenges that those struggling with alcoholism are in need of during recovery. Our alcohol treatment center was founded in Nova Scotia to address the need for a higher quality level of treatment, and at an affordable cost. We take pride in limiting our alcohol addiction treatment program to 12 residents, which ensures that each resident receives effective and individualised addiction treatment.

Annapolis Royal, Nova Scotia: A busy street with beautiful colors symbolizes hope and recovery for those attending alcohol rehab.

Alcohol Rehab Outline

Searidge Alcohol Rehabilitation, alongside its sister rehab center in Quebec  Sobriety Home, is a national leader in providing effective alcohol addiction treatment both for those suffering from the disease of alcoholism and concurrent disorders, and for their families. We are committed to furthering research in addiction treatment techniques, and currently support research on PTSD and addiction memory conducted by Dr. Alain Brunet at McGill University and on addiction and anxiety disorder at University of Florida.

A summer time view of Searidge Foundation's residence paints an optimistic picture for alcohol rehab, treatment, recovery and sobriety.

Our residential alcohol treatment center offers alcohol addiction treatment and co-occurring disorder treatment in the tranquil and restorative environment of Annapolis Valley, Nova Scotia. Living and recovering in our picturesque location while following our comprehensive alcohol addiction treatment program is the first major step towards a lifelong recovery.

Nova Scotia was a new start for many weary travelers from a very different time. We embody the spirit of discovery, finding peace and a new home. Of course we don’t want you to stay with us forever, but a new home requires the right tools to build. We can set you up with a recovery toolbox that will include everything you need to begin your journey towards health, happiness and sobriety.

Call us today to talk to one of our friendly, devoted addiction specialists who will guide you through the process of recovery at Searidge!

Alcoholism Treatment Center & Location

Located in Upper Clements, the heart of Annapolis Valley, Nova Scotia. See our contact page for more details.