Alcohol Addiction Treatment in Privacy and Comfort

As a small rehab, it is evident at Searidge Alcohol Rehab that we believe every resident counts.  This is why we not only maintain a capacity of 12 residents in our alcohol addiction treatment program, but also ensure that every single one of them enjoys the privacy and comfort of their own large room, a personal patio overlooking the grounds and a private bathroom with bathtub and shower.

A private room and patio presents a personal space in which to reflect on the day past in therapy and activities, and to complete homework. This can help keep the focus on recovery and staying positive and inspired.

A woman sleeps in comfort and bliss as she reflects on her alcohol addiction treatment at Searidge.

Having a private room not only allows residents to spend their time at Searidge in privacy and comfort, but also ensures that they will not have to concern themselves with the distractions of living with another resident in recovery. If a resident is still having a hard time sleeping they can keep busy by reading a book, surf the high-speed internet, or watch cable television without worrying about disturbing anyone.

An important element of this privacy and comfort is having the space to sleep as comfortably and well as possible. Sleep is key to a successful recovery from alcohol addiction. A good sleep is important for the rest and regeneration of mind, body and soul.

Alcohol abuse not only trains the body to require its knockout effect to sleep, but it significantly impairs the quality of sleep you get. Insomnia is a frequent cause of self-medication with alcohol, and is the most common cause for relapse. It is absolutely crucial to the success of recovery from alcohol addiction to establish a healthy sleep routine.

At Searidge we equip our residents with a number of techniques that help create a better environment for sleep through psychotherapy, pharmacotherapy and alternative therapy.  Residents will be able to practice these addiction recovery techniques in the comfort of their large private room. Activities such as meditation could be done outside on the personal patio overlooking the vast property or in the privacy of the room. It can help clear the mind of troublesome thoughts before bedtime.

Recovery from alcohol addiction is full of obstacles and not being able to get a good sleep or a place to be alone with your thoughts should never be one of them. At Searidge Alcohol Rehab we take every precaution to ensure residents feel welcomed, supported and inspired to take the steps towards recovery.


One of the primary steps towards recovery is to work on developing regular sleeping patterns. Alcoholism severely affects the quality of sleep and sleep deprivation has a number of seriously adverse effects on the body and the mind.

A study at the University of Chicago, in which a group of young and healthy people of several hours of sleep for a week, demonstrated that the subjects developed hormonal profiles appropriate for much older bodies: the level of stress hormones increases, and the level of growth hormones decrease. In addition these imbalances can lead to weight gain and insulin resistance.

Sleep deprivation reduces immune resistance and increases vulnerability to any disease from a cold to a cancer. Even a small amount of sleep loss can significantly reduce the activity of white blood cells. It also has a severe effect on the mind and the mood. It decreases the function of creativity, judgement, motivation and focus, and can lead to greater volatile, impulsive and depressed moods.

All of the effects are significant for anyone struggling with alcohol addiction. As alcoholism itself greatly alters bodily functions, depresses the immune system and can lead to unpredictable moods, it creates a difficult cycle that often contributes to further alcohol abuse.

For this reason we at Searidge Alcohol Rehab place a significant emphasis on the importance of comfortable and quiet private rooms where our residents in alcohol addiction treatment can recover in peace and benefit from the possibilities of a good night’s sleep. Reversing the effects of sleep deprivation not only improves health significantly but also increases the chance of recovery enormously. When it comes to recovering from alcohol addiction, sleep is a crucial part in the foundation for recovery.

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