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Happiness Comes in Small Packages—and Small Towns Too

By: Carol Morriscey

Main street of a small town, where happiness is abundant, providing the supportive environment for alcohol addiction treatment. Study About Small Town Happiness

A recent study has found that living in a small community is related to significantly greater happiness than living in densely populated urban centres. Researchers speculated that this disparity in happiness is likely due to a meager or absent sense of community and thus personal support within larger cities. Interestingly, unemployment levels and income were not strongly correlated with level of happiness.

Why Alcohol Addiction Requires Reinvention

An important part of the addiction recovery process is reinventing oneself. Previously, alcohol may have been used to self-medicate and eliminate negative feelings. When beginning a life free of addiction, it is necessary find new ways to create a happy life without alcohol. This can be achieved through reinvention. Adjusting one’s outlook on life and changing daily routines to incorporate activities which cultivate happiness is an important part of the reinvention process. Relearning, or indeed learning for the first time, to find happiness and joy in life without alcohol is crucial for a successful recovery from alcohol addiction.

A couple walking down main street of a small town, eating ice cream cones, enjoying the sunny afternoon. Small towns are ideal locations for alcohol rehabs.We Embody Small Town Happiness at Searidge Alcohol Rehab

Searidge Foundation is nestled in a small town in rural Nova Scotia. Our staff come from the surrounding area, and embody the happiness inherent to small towns. Their caring and community-minded demeanor creates a supportive and welcoming environment. Inevitably, this cheerful disposition rubs off on our patients. They are given the opportunity to become accustomed to the small town way of life and find an easy-going sense of happiness.

Small Town Addiction Treatment—Just What the Doctor Ordered

In the process of reinventing oneself into a happier, sober person, it is helpful to be surrounded by individuals with a similar mindset. Furthermore, the sense of community ingrained in small towns provides the encouragement and support that is indispensable in the alcohol addiction recovery process. As such, an alcohol rehab located in a rural community is able to provide both the evidence-based treatments, as well as the supportive and community-minded environment, necessary for a holistic recovery from alcohol addiction.

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