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Valentine’s Day in Alcohol Rehab

By: Carol Morriscey

Facing Valentine’s Day while Treating an Alcohol Addiction

Alcohol is known to dissolve relationships, so when it comes to Valentine’s Day for those in alcohol addiction treatment, it can be a challenging day. It may be a reminder of the problems faced in relationships as a result of alcohol abuse and addiction. But as your life begins to change throughout your stay at an alcohol rehab, it’s time to change the way we view Valentine’s Day. While it may have brought about problems in the past while in the throes of addiction and bad memories of damaged relationships, a holistic recovery from addiction will allow you to move past these associations with Valentine’s Day.

A New Beginning After Alcohol Rehab

Before you can begin to change the way you see and treat others, it is important to change the way you see and treat yourself. Indeed, you must learn to love yourself again before you are able to freely give your love to others. Take the opportunity that a fresh perspective of Valentine’s Day gives you to change the way you love yourself. Be conscious of the way you think about yourself, and actively address negative self-talk. Allow yourself to be proud of your accomplishments—especially the courage it took to seek treatment for an alcohol addiction! These small changes will allow you to see yourself in a more positive light, and as such, foster your self-love—a crucial step in the process of rebuilding relationships.

A Fresh Start for Relationships after Alcohol Rehab

The support of loved ones in indispensable throughout the recovery process. Take the opportunity to thank those people who continue to support you during your journey to sobriety, and apologize to those who you may have hurt along the way, as a result of your addiction. This is an important step to take in the healing process, allowing you to leave behind the mistakes of your past, a start anew following addiction treatment.

A fresh outlook on Valentine’s Day offers the opportunity to turn your life around, and Searidge Foundation is here to help!

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