New Year, New You—Celebrating a Sober New Year’s Eve

The colloquial idea of New Year’s Eve involves copious amount of sparkles and champagne, making it a challenging time for those in recovery from alcohol addiction. However, there are tons of alternatives to help avoid a relapse. After all, the best way to kick off the New Year is maintaining your hard earned sobriety, and […]

Gratitude, the Attitude for Addiction Recovery

Benefits of Gratitude in Alcohol Addiction Rehab and Treatment Centers Our state of mind colours our day-to-day interactions, making them positive or negative. Gratefulness and Gratitude are states of mind which permeate all areas of our life, and have a significant impact on our well-being. Gratitude helps to foster our patience, increases the chances that […]

Planning for Sobriety this Holiday Season

The holiday season can be a challenging time, especially for those who are new to recovery and a sober lifestyle. Celebration sometimes seems synonymous with spirits, and family get-togethers often result in in-law overload. The additional stress, and ubiquity of alcohol use can present many temptations, which are difficult to resist. However, with the proper […]

Sleep It Off—Sleep’s Role in Alcohol Addiction Treatment

A recent article in New Scientist discussed the benefits of sleep therapy for conditions other than insomnia. The study found that an app which delivered Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) for insomnia effectively reduced symptoms of anxiety, depression and psychosis. The majority of positive changes in mental health were attributed to an improvement in sleeping patterns […]

PUI: Parenting Under the Influence

Alcohol Use and Children As a society, we are well aware of the negative consequences a parent’s heavy drinking can have on their children. However, less well known are the negative effects of a parent’s moderate drinking. Even moderate drinking can have serious short- and long-term effects on children. A recent study found that almost […]

Boozing Boomers: Increasing Rates of Alcohol Use

Growing Alcohol Use and Binge Drinking Over the past several decades the rates of drinking have substantially decreased in many age groups, likely due to increased awareness of the negative health consequences. In spite of this fact, drinking rates have almost tripled over the past decade in the baby boomer generation. The generation born between […]

Alcoholism in University—The Normalization of Binge Drinking

Alcohol Addiction or the College Experience? Students file into their dorms and the liquor stores of university towns begin to bustle as frosh week begins. The university experience and life on campus have become synonymous with binge drinking. In Nova Scotia, over 50% of students report heavily drinking at least once a month. Further, a […]

Maintaining Sobriety—How Self-Control Helps

Self-Control and Addiction Self-control is defined as having authority over your thoughts and emotions, and being able to resist temptation in difficult situations. Although addiction is a complex disease which cannot be prevented or cured purely through self-control, self-control is an important part of remaining sober after recovery. Therapies offered at drug rehabs are used […]

Alcohol Addiction—There’s an App for That

Mobile Apps for Alcohol Addiction Cell phones are ubiquitous. Everywhere you look there is someone staring at their screen. As a result, this technology has been harnessed to help those suffering from alcohol addiction. Many apps are being created to motivate, inspire and aid in alcohol addiction treatment and recovery from alcoholism. Apps such as […]

Alcohol Addiction, Depression & Mindfulness Meditation

The Link Between Depression and Addiction Depression and addiction often co-occur, whether it is the depression leading to the addiction through self-medication, or vice-versa. For example, heavy alcohol use may lead to depression, as alcohol is a central nervous system depressant. The combination of depression and addiction can make obtaining treatment and successful recovery very […]