The global burden of alcohol according to a recent World Health Organization report, and what it means for Canadians

Last year, The World Health Organization (WHO) released a global status report on alcohol and health. This was an extensive review on the current disease burden of alcohol worldwide, and how each country is responding to the issue. Today, it is estimated that 2.3 billion people drink alcohol (WHO, 2018). Of this cohort, the average […]

VIVITROL for Alcoholism at Searidge Foundation

What is VIVITROL? VIVITROL is a prescription medication administered to individuals experiencing an alcohol use disorder. It is an opioid antagonist and is administered intramuscularly by healthcare professionals. The drug attaches to opioid receptors in the brain curtailing the craving for alcohol. Unlike most opioids, VIVITROL does not promote the release of dopamine. In turn, […]

You Drove Drunk. You Screwed Up. Now What?

A night out, friends, family, a few drinks, laughter, a few more drinks, a bad decision, a loud noise, sirens, blue and red lights and then a room with bars stopping you from leaving. You’re terrified, you didn’t mean for this to happen, and the insurmountable guilt of having just done the worst thing in […]

Creating a Culture of Addiction Recovery

The culture of substance use and addiction is deeply engrained in the food industry. Late nights, high stress, and an abundance of alcohol and other substances have fostered this culture, entangling countless people in the food and service industry. Yet, the stigma of addiction and mental illness remains a barrier to treatment and prevents many […]

Alcohol Addiction: Surviving a Relapse Following Alcohol Rehab

The Chronic Nature of Addiction and Relapses Addiction is a chronic disease, and as a result relapse is always a possibility. Despite holistic and successful addiction treatment and even years of sobriety, nothing is guaranteed. Addiction causes long-term functional and structural changes in the brain, resulting in persistent changes in behaviour. Although alcohol rehab gives […]

Summer Book Review: The Power of Kindness

Finding the Kindness in the World Dr. Brian Goldman, a former ER doctor and host of CBC Radio’s White Coat Black Art, finds himself at the end of his career as a healthcare practitioner, wondering if his empathy for others and motivation to care for them, which initially launched his career in the medical field, […]

A Successful Sober Summer

A long hot week during the dog days of summer is colloquially punctuated with a backyard BBQ and cold beer, or a patio drink underneath a colourful umbrella. The culture of drinking during the summer can make it seem impossible to enjoy the sunshine without imbibing, making it a particularly difficult time for those in […]

Happiness Comes in Small Packages—and Small Towns Too

Study About Small Town Happiness A recent study has found that living in a small community is related to significantly greater happiness than living in densely populated urban centres. Researchers speculated that this disparity in happiness is likely due to a meager or absent sense of community and thus personal support within larger cities. Interestingly, […]

Challenging the “Wine Mom” Culture This Mother’s Day

The Pervasive “Wine Mom” Culture “Mommy’s Juice” scrolled over discrete wine glasses and relatable memes proclaiming that the most expensive part of parenthood is the amount of wine required, gently urge us to normalize the “Wine Mom” culture. After a day of diapers, dance class, dirty dishes, and discipline, a glass of wine is well-deserved. […]