Moderate Alcohol Consumption Good or Bad for Your Health?

Have you felt like you’re receiving mixed messages when it comes to how many glasses of wine to drink it considered safe with dinner or after a long, stressful hard day at work? In the past, it was recommended to consume two glasses of red to promote cardiovascular and brain health.  Today at Rutgers University, […]

Brain Recovery From Alcoholism Seen After 2 Weeks of Sobriety

Just two weeks of sobriety from chronic alcohol abuse can reverse damage to the brain, according to a new study.  However, recovery may vary among different parts of the brain.  The findings may offer new hope to those in recovery from alcoholism, say authors of the study.   Further results will be published in the issue […]

Women Recover Faster From Alcoholism

It is not news to hear about the long term damaging effects that alcohol abuse has on the body. A recent study that had been conducted by the Boston University School of Medicine has found some interesting information surrounding the fact that when monitoring the progression of white matter volume redevelopment in the brain amongst […]

Alcohol Selectively Reduces Anxiety Not Fear

You may be surprised to hear the fact that alcohol consumption does not lessen the emotion of fear, but it does indeed reduce anxiety amongst its consumers. Alcohol has been known to calm ones nerves in a variety of situations, it loosens people up a little and of course when it’s heavily consumed, loosens people […]

Entirely Unconscious Response to Alcohol Addiction

The Alcohol and Drug Debate Rages On: Personality as influenced by environment (or free will), genetic inheritance (or disease), or other? Scientists set out to discern the truth. Functional magnetic resonance imaging (or fMRI) has been engaged by scientists to study just how much free will an addict has. In one study, neuroscientists worked with […]

Dealing with Alcohol Addiction

According to the National Institutes of Health, the estimated total cost of alcohol abuse in the United States is at 235 billion.  These costs include loss of productivity, health care costs and crime-related costs. Current alcohol abuse treatment plans vary in their effectiveness, depending upon the alcoholic’s dedication to controlling his addiction and his ability […]