Life At Searidge Residential Alcohol Rehab

At Searidge Alcohol Rehab, we keep every day different to keep the recovery process engaging and effective. One day might be focused on relapse prevention, the next on learning coping strategies. There are usually 3 to 4 psychotherapy sessions in a day. As these can be very challenging, we intersperse these sessions with recreation and meditation that provide excellent coping strategies to take with you from Searidge and a way to relax and reflect on the therapy.

Success at a residential alcohol rehab is possible with determination and Searidge's guidance.


On weekends, we plan an additional optional activity, which could be anything from a trip to the Historic Gardens in Annapolis Royal, sea-kayaking, or a hike in the surrounding area. We change the activities every week and are open to hearing suggestions from residents. Who said residential alcohol rehab couldn’t be different?

Each resident’s schedule is structured slightly differently to accommodate individual needs. We plan every day to ensure our residents are receiving the best and most effective addiction treatment throughout both the therapy sessions and recreation time.

Although every residential alcohol rehab program is unique and optimized for each individual resident, your day at Searidge Alcohol Rehab would be structured much like this:

  • 7am Wake-up
  • 7.30am Breakfast
  • 9am Fitness
  • 10am Individual Sessions
  • 11am Group Sessions
  • 12pm Lunch
  • 1pm Group Workshop
  • 2pm Individual Sessions
  • 4pm Group Workshop (e.g Relapse Prevention, Positive Psychology)
  • 5pm Supper
  • 6pm Group Session
  • 7.30pm Team Building Activities
  • 11pm Bedtime