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Alcohol Addiction Treatment at Searidge Foundation for Ottawa, Ontario

Being our nation's capital city, Ottawa, Ontario is sure to be very busy and a bit more fast paced than a typical Canadian city. Ottawa has a metropolitan population of 1.25 million people according to the census metropolitan area survey. With that many people living in a high profile city, turning to alcohol to ease the tensions of life may seem like a very tempting idea. However, if casual drinking turns into drinking everyday or needing alcohol just to function, this is often referred to as alcohol dependence, or alcohol addiction. Searidge Foundation is an Alcohol Rehab, offering the necessary tools and resources for managing alcohol addiction. Trying to manage alcohol addiction without treatment is extremely challenging and people often relapse as alcohol is very accessible. Without any help, this disease can very easily rob you of your career, your finances, your reputation and any goals you have for the future. Long-term addiction to alcohol often leads to severe health problems and may likely be fatal. According to the Ottawa Public Health board, alcohol is responsible for 140 deaths in Ottawa every year. In the year between 2014-2015, 3,553 Ottawa residents were treated for alcohol misuse in provincially-funded residential or community-based programs. Searidge Alcohol Rehab can help residents of Ottawa, Ontario that are battling alcoholism and assist them in gaining control of their life again.

Searidge Foundation is tucked away in the rural landscape of Digby, Nova Scotia. If you do not currently live in Nova Scotia, that’s fine, have no worries! Searidge Foundation Rehab invites and encourages those in need of our assistance to come from all over Canada. After you arrive in Nova Scotia, Searidge Foundation will help any way it can to make the travelling process as seamless as possible. For example, If you were to fly into Halifax Stanfield International Airport, our driver is available to pick you up from there or any other major location in Nova Scotia. You will then be driven directly to Searidge Foundation, where the first steps to your sobriety are just inside the front door.

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Rehab Treatment Centres for Alcohol Addiction in Ottawa, Ontario

Maison Decision House

37 Irving Avenue
Ottawa, Ontario
K1Y 1Z2
Phone: 613 728-5013
Fax: 613 728-4965

“Maison Decision House is a bilingual, community-based residential facility that provides an eight-week intensive substance abuse treatment program designed for residents with moderate to severe issues with alcohol and/or drugs. MDH offers community development additionally to tailored programming based on the social learning theory, that states that habit could be a learned behaviour that can be unlearned through the event of latest thinking and coping skills. The clients participate in five-hour group sessions, five days per week, that target problem solving, maintenance plans and goals in the morning and on week long topics offered within the afternoon (housing, finances, emotions, stress prevention, leisure, employment, etc.). Clients additionally undergo weekly individual counselling sessions connected on to substance abuse issues with their primary counsellor. MDH provides the chance for clients to continue residency at MDH upon completion of the program in Part three, if it's determined that they may profit from a structured surroundings while adjusting to work, or school. Aftercare counselling is also accessible for Part 3 residents and also graduates of the program who are not residing at MDH.”

Maison Fraternité - Fraternity House

242 Cantin Street
Ottawa, Ontario
Phone: 613 741-2523
Fax: 613 741-3264

“This organization is a multifunctional centre with adult intensive drug rehab programs inpatient recovery and outpatient services for male and female substance abusers. Services are offered in French only. A separate rehab residence for women is provided. Youth services for young people are offered on an outpatient and residential basis. Services are also available to family members.”

Jean Mamisarvik Healing Centre

604 Laurier Ave. West
Ottawa, Ontario
K1R 6K9
Phone: 613 563-3546
Fax: 613 230-8925

“Tungasuvvingat Inuit (TI) provides a variety of social, cultural and wellness programs to Inuit living in Ottawa and other urban areas. One of its main wellness programs is the Mamisarvik Healing Centre, which is a residential treatment program for Inuit from the North and those living in the South. The Mamisarvik Healing Centre provides treatment services for addictions to drugs and alcohol as well as the effects of trauma, including physical and sexual abuse. The program is an eight-week residential program and is holistic, culturally relevant and language appropriate for Inuit.”

Salvation Army Anchorage Program

171 George Street
K1N 5W5
Ottawa, Ontario
Phone: 613 241-1573
Fax: 613 241-2818

“The Salvation Army Ottawa Booth Centre is a non-profit Christian organization committed to helping those in need. We are a division of The Salvation Army Canada and Bermuda, and are ending The mission of The Salvation Army, to evangelise the Gospel of Jesus Christ and meet the fundamental human wants of all persons in would like who return within its sphere of influences. The Anchorage Addiction Recovery program is a 24-bed facility that offers drugs and alcohol rehabilitation to men suffering from addiction. By providing a residential Christian twelve-step recovery program and other addiction services, our goal is to assist clients in achieving a substance abuse free lifestyle.”

Serenity House

103 Leopolds Drive
Ottawa, Ontario
K1V 7E2
Phone: 613 733-3574
Fax: 613 733-1639

“This agency offers residential, long-term (average three months) rehab for males 18 years and older. Phase I - Orientation and Education. Phase II - Relapse Prevention. In Phase I: videos, group therapy, individual counselling, objective and treatment arrangement, self-awareness groups, education, anger management, family issues and referrals to community as essential. In Phase II: relapse prevention strategies, review lifestyle and dependence history. Individual and group therapy, self-help groups, lectures, education on addictions such as gambling, eating disorders, codependency, etc. Discharge Phase: includes arrangement guide, rehab goals, core care issue sheet, relapse warning signs, recovery activity checklist, aftercare. No charge. OHIP covered.”

After Rehab, Get Familiar with Sober Activities in Ottawa, Ontario

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Enjoy these outdoor, better when sober attractions that Canada’s Capital City has to offer. There’s so much history and beautiful architecture in Ottawa and its surrounding areas that's just waiting to be explored. There are art galleries and exhibits on display at all times for your viewing pleasures. A bike ride along the canal is a must anytime you visit. With all these different activities and events going on, your day is sure to be kept busy.

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Alcoholics Anonymous in Ottawa, Ontario

Founded first in the state of Ohio, A.A has assisted in being the catalyst for millions of citizens sobriety and it’s group-therapy style meetings have grown on a global scale. In 1935, when two affluent men from New York wrote a book on how to help those in recovery from alcohol addiction, the world changed forever. Both had experience with alcoholism in their lifetime and felt they had some insight into taking steps to prevent the harm that alcoholism often causes. For almost 9 decades Alcoholics Anonymous has had a hand in helping create success stories from all over the world with their infamous 12 step program.


Closed Meeting
Every Tuesday 8:30 pm
Open Meeting
Last Tuesday of the month

Roy G. Hobbs Community Centre
109 Larch Crescent
Ottawa, Ontario
K1E 1A2


Closed Meeting
Everyday at 7:30am
Open Meeting
Last Thursday of the month

St. Paul's Presbyterian Church
971 Woodroffe Avenue
Ottawa, Ontario
K2A 3G9

Wheelchair accessible


Closed Meeting
Every Wednesday 8:00 pm

St. Thomas Apostle Church
2345 Alta Vista Drive
Ottawa, Ontario
K1H 7M6


Closed Meeting
Every Saturday 9:00am

All Saints Church
347 Richmond Rd
Ottawa, Ontario
K2A 0E7


Closed Meeting
Every Wednesday at noon

Southminster United Church - Basement
15 Aylmer Avenue
Ottawa, Ontario
K1S 5G4

Wheelchair accessible


Closed Meeting
Every Monday 8:00 pm

St. Stephen's Church
579 Parkdale Avenue
Ottawa, Ontario
K1Y 4K1


Open Meeting
Every Monday 8:30 pm

Knox Presbyterian Church
120 Lisgar Street
Ottawa, Ontario
K2P 2L7


Closed Meeting
Every Tuesday 8:00 pm
Open Meeting
Last Tuesday of the month

St. Thomas Apostle Church
1619 Main Street
Ottawa, Ontario
K2S 1N5


Closed Meeting
Every Wednesday 8:30 pm
Open Meeting
Last Wednesday of the month

Trinity United Church
1099 Maitland Avenue
Ottawa, Ontario
K2C 2B8


Closed Meeting
Every Thursday 7:00 pm

Shepherds of Good Hope
233 Murray Street
Ottawa, Ontario
K1N 5M9


Closed Meetings
Every Tuesday & Thursday 12:15 pm
Open Meetings
Every Wednesday & Friday 12:15 pm

St. Andrew's Church
82 Kent Street
Ottawa, Ontario
K1R 7X9


Closed Meeting
Every Sunday 8:00 pm

All Saints Church
347 Richmond Road
Ottawa, Ontario
K2A 0E7

Alcohol Addiction Specialists and Psychologists in Ottawa, Ontario

Matthew T Rippeyoung
Psychologist, MA, CPsych
100 Argyle Avenue - Suite 202
Ottawa, Ontario
K2P 1B6
(844) 402-3141
Years in Practice: 15+ Years
Northwestern University Year of ‘00
License No. and State: 5025 Ontario

“My clients usually remark on how quickly they became comfortable with me in therapy, and are surprised at how much "just talking" is helpful to them. People find it easy to trust me and easy to talk about things with me that they have not talked with others about. People often come to me with problems with addictions, moods, anxiety, or difficulties in their relationships.

I am trained in psychodynamic psychotherapy that takes a life course developmental view of human growth. This means that our pasts impact our present, and that we are always growing. I also incorporate cognitive-behavioural, behavioural, and humanistic principles into my work.”

Peggy Caldwell
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, MSW, RSW
1270 Willowdale Avenue
Ottawa, Ontario
K1H 7S7
(613) 902-0252
Carleton University Masters Program
License No. and State: 822895 Ontario

“I work to help you find your way towards greater peace and joy. I use Trauma Informed Therapy, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy as well as Emotionally Focused Therapy as tools to move clients forward and achieve their goals. I have extensive experience with gambling and other behavioural addictions as well as substance abuse. I also have spent many years treating anxiety, depression and the healing of early childhood trauma. Reaching out can be incredibly liberating. Therapeutic conversations with a highly trained professional can provide an environment that is safe, trusting and non-judgmental.”

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