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Carrie Lynn – Psychoeducator

Searidge Alcohol Rehab

At Searidge, Carrie Lynn facilitates educational groups that relate to substance abuse issues.  Carrie’s area of speciality is coping mechanisms.  She works with clients individually and in a group setting, assisting clients in learning new coping skills to better deal with life stressors.

Professional Experience

Carrie is genuine, supportive and compassionate and her main focus is the clients’ well being.  Searidge provides her with the opportunity to combine her education and holistic approach to care in the residential setting.  Carrie is valued by the clients for her sense of humour and easy going nature.

Previous work experience includes working with Annapolis Valley health and addiction services including Detox, structured treatment program and youth centered work.  Duties included recovery planning, intakes, leisure component of STP, crisis intervention, suicide intervention, one on one counselling.  Carrie Lynn also co-facilitated groups such as addiction discussion group, gambling, relapse prevention, coping with triggers, emotions and conflict resolution, etc.


Carrie enjoys nature walks, hiking, gardening and other outdoor activities in the area around Annapolis Valley.  Most of all, she loves to spend quality time with her family.

Professional Credentials

  • Diploma, Health and Human Services: Specialization – Addiction Counselling - Nova Scotia Community College
  • Suicide Intervention Training
  • Non-violent Crisis Intervention
  • First Aid / CPR
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