VIVITROL for Alcoholism at Searidge Foundation


VIVITROL is a prescription medication administered to individuals experiencing an alcohol use disorder. It is an opioid antagonist and administered intramuscularly by health care professionals. The drug attaches to opioid receptors in the brain curtailing the crave for alcohol. Unlike most opioids, VIVITROL does not promote the release of dopamine. In turn, this its use does not lead to physical dependence. It is compulsory that patients be opioid-free for a minimum of 1-2 weeks before beginning VIVITROL.

VIVITROL at Searidge Foundation

Searidge Foundation is equipped with the necessary health care practitioners and licensing to provide its patients with VIVITROL. In fact, Searidge Foundation is one of the only institutes in Canada who can offer its patients VIVITROL. If you are struggling with alcoholism, you may be eligible to receive monthly VIVITROL injections in conjunction with counseling. Please speak to one of our advisors to learn more about VIVITROL and how you may qualify.

How Do I Know if VIVITROL is Right for Me?

In a recent experiment, researchers found that 205 patients treated with VIVITROL and counselling demonstrated a 25% greater reduction in the amount of heavy drinking days than of the 209 patients who received a placebo of VIVITROL. Further, individuals who abstained from drinking alcohol completely one week prior to receiving their first dose of VIVITROL experienced 92% less days of heaver drinking. This was in conjunction with counseling.

Like all treatment, there are side-effects associated with VIVITROL. In some individuals, it may lead to severe reactions at the site of injection, resulting in tissue death. Some individuals have had to have reparative surgery. Further, VIVITROL may lead to sudden opioid withdrawal or liver damage. Ultimately, it is important to speak to your healthcare provider about VIVITROL. As a patient of Searidge Foundation, you will have access to highly qualified and knowledgeable practitioners who can help you decide whether VIVITROL is right for you or your loved one. Contact us to begin recovery today.