Alcohol rehab located in Nova Scotia is an effective addiction treatment centre that offers a wide variety of therapy options like CBT, REBT. Come explore the grounds. Need Help? Caring counsellors standing by 24/7  1-866-777-9614

Alcohol Rehab: Searidge Foundation’s Warm Welcome from our Executive Director

The director of Searidge Alcohol Rehab ensures all of our residents research based addiction treatment in a comfortable environmentSearidge Alcohol Rehab is an alcohol addiction treatment center that aims to provide the support, challenges, and inspiration that those who suffer from alcohol addiction are in need of during recovery. We founded Searidge Foundation in order to provide an alcohol and drug rehab centre with a high quality level of treatment at an affordable cost. We take pride in maintaining a limit of 12 residents in our alcohol addiction treatment program, which ensures that each receives the most effective and individualised treatment we can offer.

At Searidge Alcohol Rehab we provide a supportive but challenging environment in which our residents are guided through the time and work needed to rediscover and develop their potential. Our comprehensive approach to alcohol addiction treatment involves psychotherapy, alternative therapy and pharmacotherapy and prepares residents for a life of recovery with the support of our aftercare program.

The highly personalised recovery program for alcohol addiction at Searidge begins with residents completing an initial intake assessment conducted by our qualified team of addiction counsellors. This allows our clinical team to develop an individualised and clinically structured alcohol addiction recovery plan for every resident- one that works with his or her needs, abilities and length of stay. At Searidge Alcohol Rehab we ensure that each of our residents is given the utmost individual guidance for their unique situation.

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