Women Recover Faster From Alcoholism

It is not news to hear about the long term damaging effects that alcohol abuse has on the body. A recent study that had been conducted by the Boston University School of Medicine has found some interesting information surrounding the fact that when monitoring the progression of white matter volume redevelopment in the brain amongst women and men who have drank excessively; a woman’s brain recovers much more quickly than a man’s. These studies were conducted on 42 men and women who have been abstinent from heavy consumption for five or more years. There is no exact explanation as to why, but within a year’s time of abstinence from drinking, white matter volume is much higher in that of the women. Doctors and scientists are pleased with the findings and are hoping to create more tailored treatment plans as well as educational programs for people who excessively drink. This is a window into the future of science and one step closer to the full recovery of people who suffer from alcoholism. White matter is very important and is solely responsible for the communication between different areas of the brain, just one part of the body that is greatly damaged by the long term effects of drinking. This information does not mean that men are unable to recover fully it is just showing that the healing process is much slower with men.